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Only dutch, alleen in het nederlands:

Van mijn ervaringen met de boot, vaareigenschappen etc. heb ik een kort verslag gemaakt, lees hier

Marisco, a Southerly 105

Where I found her

Golfe du Mobihan

Golfe du Mobihan

This was where I got the first view off my 1981 Southerly 105, Marisco. I recognized her at once, can you find her?

I have been dreaming of a Southerly for many years. The places I would like to explore more are the tidal waters in the north of the Netherlands and the east coast of England. And I want a longer sailing season, I always get the blues when the sailing season ends somewhere in October, couldn't wait till it started again in April.

A boat, like the Southerly, which with its swingkeel can dry out when the tides leave you, and where you can steer from the cabin when the weather becomes bad, seems ideal for this. Well, in the coming years I will find out if my dreamboat can make my dreams come true ;-)

How I got her home

My first thought was to get Marisco to the Netherlands by road. But then I let myself talk into sailing her. A french crew was arranged, and at the end of november 2001 we left the Golfe du Mobihan. The first days went quit well, to keep warm we often steered from the cabin, with the heater on, I never have sailed in such comfort before. But then we had to find refuge in Brest. We used this opportunity to let her dry-out and inspect her bottoms

Waiting in Camaret

Waiting in Camaret

Then, at the end of December, we tried again. We got as far as Camaret when the weather turned bad. We waited four days, then turned back to Brest and went back home by road. Now my French crew would not have an opportunity to sail with me for some months, so I had to find a new crew and wait for a good spell in the weather. At last the opportunity came and on March 27 we drove to Brest, on the 28th we sailed to Camaret again and the next day the wind died down and we could sail Marisco home, well, we motored almost all the way because the wind had really died down.

On the way we made an overnight stop and refueled on Guersney, made a short refueling stop in Dieppe, a stop for breakfast in Oostende, a short stop to refuel in Blankenberge, then to IJmuiden to go to the locks and take the route through Amsterdam to Lelystad where we arrived on Wednesday, April 3. It had been a long and tiring Eastern weekend with over 500 nM in about 5 days.

Finally home

In Lelystad with the crew that helped me to get Marisco to her new home

Pictures of our first holiday with Marisco (2002)

During our first holiday with Marisco we used the swing keel a lot. We visited the Dutch and German Wadden, Ameland, Noordpolderzijl, Greetsiel, Juist, Nordeney and Borkum. Some pictures below.


The "harbour" of Noordpolderzijl at low tide

Pictures of our second holiday with Marisco (2003)

During our second holiday we again visited the Dutch and German Wadden. This time these were Ameland, Noordpolderzijl, Borkum, Nordeney, Langeoog, Wangerooge, Spiekeroog, Baltrum and then back, with two nights drying out on the middle off the Wadden, to Ameland. There we got our first change to take a shower after a week spent outside harbours. But we could do a lot of swimming in cool, clear water. The weather was excellent, we dried out many night, sometimes just outside an overfull harbour. Some pictures below.


Some of the many seals we saw, these ones

on our way from Nordeney to Langeoog


Drying out just outside the harbour of Baltrum

Some pictures of our holidays in 2004

This year we went "south". From Lelystad to IJmuiden, Scheveningen, some days in different harbours in Zeeland, then to Belgium (Blankenberge, Nieuwpoort), France (Gravelines) and across Dover Strait to Dover, Ramsgate and Sandwich, and back, Gravelines, Nieuwpoort, Oostende, Blankeberge, Scheveningen, IJmuiden, Lelystad

I did not take many pictures this year, but you can find some below.

White clifs near Dover

Our first view of the white clifs near Dover

The river Stour

The river Stour near the Sandwich Quay

Imagine you will have to turn there with a current of 3 K driving

you to the bridge from which the picture was taken. Local secret:

steer your boat in the reed across from the quay, the current will

turn your boat around.

Some pictures from 2005

For several reasons we did not get very far this year. Never left the Netherlands and even had only a short time on salt water. Some pictures anyway

Sometimes we even had sun


Last trip of the year

Some pictures from 2006

We mainly stayed on the Dutch Wadden this year, and most pictures where about drying out. Well, little reason to buy a Southerly if you don't want to dry out

Pieterburenwad 1

A less crowded spot, all alone on the Pieterburenwad