Pictures, sailplan, lay-out and specifications of the Etap 26, taken from the original sales brochure, you can find on my second Etap 26 page.

We owned this Etap 26, build in 1985, from 1995 until 2002. It was a very nice boat which we liked a lot. It was a lot more spacious then our previous Kelt 620, sailed well and easy and we always felt save on her. Her partialy retractable keel made sailing in shallow waters possible, a big advantage on for instance the Wadden

But when we got the opportunity to buy a Southerly 105 we could not let that go. More information on that boat you can find on our Southerly 105 Marisco page.

Below you will find some pictures with comments of the holidays we had with "Quo Vadis"

Milena resting

Milena resting on the foredeck while

sailing on the IJsselmeer

Getting the keel up

Getting the keel up to pass a shallow part of the

the Waddenzee, the "Vlakte van Oosterbierum"

High tide in Harlingen

High tide in Harlingen. At low tide the waterlevelis

about 2 m lower, a lot more difficult to get of the boat

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Leaving Scheveningen at sunrise, Sunday 29 juli 2001, 06:15

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