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Milena Tlustá

I'm an artist and make paintings, drawings (landscapes and nudes), etchings and silkscreens. More about those on my home page, with pictures of some of them, schedule of expositions, etc. Home page of Milena(in Dutch)

These pages are somewhat older and are not being maintained anymore. Recent work and invitations for expositions can be found at mtlusta.tumblr.com


Many artsts found inspiration in Bomarzo, more especially in the "Parco dei Mostri" there, so we once visited that. Some pictures from there can be found on our Bomarzo page


Aart Koelewijn

Our first sailboat was a Kelt 620

From 1996 until 2001 we sailed our second sailboat, a 1982 Etap 26, called "Quo Vadis" Some pictures can be seen on my Etap 26 page

We now bought a 1981 Southerly 105. Some information on this boat can be found on my page of this Southerly 105, "Marisco". We mainly sail on the IJsselmeer and the Waddenzee. We sold the boat in 2016 and own no boat anymore

Since about 1994 I use Linux as my OS, at present mainly the Ubuntu distribution.